How to Repair iOS System to Normal for iPhone 6/6s

In Apple's press conference, iPhone 7/7 Plus has become the focus of attention, in addition to a series of technical and hardware upgrades, the new generation of iPhone will be equipped with the latest iOS 10 system. In fact, as early as June of this year, iOS 10 has appeared in WWDC, whether WWDC or apple conference, Apple Corp with a longer length to introduce iOS 10, and Cook also repeatedly stressed that the iOS 10 is the world's most advanced mobile operating system, which has brought much more innovation than any previous generation of iOS systems.

Although I did not buy the iPhone 7, I can also upgrade my iPhone 6s to iOS 10. So I'm looking forward to upgrading it. The result is beyond my expectation, mobile phone upgrade failed; my phone now cannot be used. Can I fix/repair iOS System to normal for iPhone 6s?

Mobile phone system upgrade failure is a very common thing. In order to solve similar problems, we have developed a software. You can use this software to solve some of the problems on the iOS system. This software is called Dr.Fone for iOS. This software has a feature called "iOS System Recovery". You can use this feature to fix your iOS system to normal. No matter how difficult the problem is, it can basically solve the problem. For example, iPhone/iPad stuck in recovery mode loop or iTunes logo; iPhone/iPad becomes black screen, red or blue screen; iPhone/iPad keep looping on the Apple logo . You don't have to worry about after the system problems, iPhone cannot be used. When you have this software, the general problem is small case. And it can fix iOS System to normal for your iPhone 4S/4/5S/5/5C/SE/6/6S/7/7S/8.


Steps to Repair System to Normal for iPhone 6/6S/5/5S/SE/5C/4/4S/7:

Step 1. First, please install Dr.Fone For iOS to your computer. Then run it. Next, there are four icons on the left side of the program; you need to click on Fourth "More Tools". Then select "iOS System Recovery ".

Step 2. Please connect your phone to your computer with USB cable. Then, please read the contents of the text carefully and click “Start".

Step 3. At the moment, the program will automatically recognize your phone model and related information. Then, in order to repair your iOS system, you also need to download the corresponding firmware. The program will automatically help you select the latest firmware, and then you just need to click "download", and wait for a while.

Step 4. Finally, when the firmware download is complete, the program will automatically repair your phone, then you still need to wait for a little. When the phone's iOS system repair is completed, the program interface as shown below. If you don't have the other needs you can quit the program.


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