How to Fix iOS System to Normal for iPad

iOS products are popular all these years because people like its design and its advanced functions. Especially today, our phone becomes a mini assistant in our work and study. It plays an important role, so we often choose the advanced device. iOS product is good choice, but nothing can be perfect, not alone the advanced device. Some feedback of some iOS customers reflects that sometimes the system collapses when they install a new kind of application or do something else. One of my friends met similar situation when he used his iPad normally. System collapse will cause white screen, black screen and so on, which cannot be ignored.

When you encounter this issue, don‘t worry. Dr. Fone can help you as a supporter. It offers users practical and useful function to fix the system and data problems of their iPhone. It is famous for its efficiency and effectiveness. My friend solved the problem of his iPad with it and he really like Dr. Fone for its concise design and functional performance. In fact, besides my friend’s comment, Dr. Fone gain a good reputation from its users. It fits most iOS system and work sincerely for customer without causing any loss of their iPhone or iPad.


Now, you are shown the steps of how to fix iOS system to normal for iPad.

Step 1. Connect Your Device to the Computer

Open Dr. Fone on the computer for preparation. Then,connect your iPad to the computer with USB cable.

After entering System Recovery, please click "Start" button and the recovery starts.

Step 2. Set Your iPad into DFU mode

Please set your iPad into DFU mode, so that Dr. Fone can detect your iPad and recognize its model.

If you have no idea of DFU mode. Please follow the instruction and images below. It is easy to follow. If fails at the first time, please try agian and make sure your iPad has been into DFU mode.

Step 3.Confirm the Model and Download the Package

Here, please confirm the information of your iPad. If the information unmatch, please correct it manually.

Before fixing, you need to prepare the matching firmware package. If the package has download, just select the matching firmware. If not, please click "Download" button to download the matching firmware package.
The download will take some time, please wait a moment.

Step 4. Fix iOS to Normal status

Once the the package is downloaded, the repairing begins. The repairing may take at least 10 minutes. Please wait in a moment.

After reparing, the problem is fixed and your iPad become normal again.If your iPad is unable to boot, please restart it or try the recovery one more time.

Note: Make your iPhone connected all along the line and don't use your iPad during the recovery.

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