How to Repair iPhone System when Looping on Start

We use our phone every day for our work, study, social communication, and gradually there are a lot of trash or cache which occupy in a great proportion to the internal space of our phone. If we don’t clear the trash regularly, it is no wonder that when we use phone, the system is stuck and loops on the start of the application or the lock screen. This situation can be seen in iPhone system. Sometimes, it just takes a while, the system works normally and the loops disappear. However, someone said that their iPhone is so stuck and the loop start maintains a long time and they meet this problem frequently.

If you experienced that situation, I recommend you a powerful software to help you fix it. Those who have used this software all think well of it and trust it undoubtedly. It is called iOS System Recovery, the world's 1st iPhone and iPad data recovery software. It is designed for iOS system users to assist them solve the usual data and system problem. The software guarantees the operation won’t cause any saved data loss and has great compatibility. What’s more, its best advantage is its simple operation to make each user follow it without stress.


Here are the steps for how to repair iPhone system when looping on start.

Step 1. Make Your iPhone Connected

Connect your iPhone to the computer where you open the software previously. Then select System Recovery option and click the "Start" button to begin the recovery.

Step 2. Boot your iPhone into DFU mode

Enable your iOS device into DFU mode, or the software can work out. Hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously for several second, and then release Power button but keep holding Home button. After that, your device will be into DFU mode. If the first operation is failed, you can try one more time.

Next, Dr.fone will recognize and detect your device quickly and fully.

Step 3. Confirm the Model and Download the Package

Confirm the model of your device shown on the page, if incorrect, you can select it manually. Next, hit “Download” button directly to download the matching firmware package or choose “copy” to download package through browser.

Step 4. Fix the Problem Successfully

After download, the repairing process begins. This process is very important. To avoid the risk of your iPhone becoming a brick, please don’t use your device and keep your device connected.

Soon, the repairing is finished, and the iOS system become normal again. Your iPhone will work smoothly and the problem is solved successfully.

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