Fix iPhone that won't Slide to Unlock or Slide to Power Off

It is no wonder that any phone, including iPhone, will be stuck some day after it has been used for a restively long time. What the result of the stuck iPhone? iPhone users may come across the situations that their iPhone cannot be unlock, or cannot be powered off by sliding. When these situations appear, it is relatively not a big problem that may affect the use of your iPhone, but it cannot be ignored. To use your iPhone more smoothly and let it work for you effectively, you need to fix the failure of unlocking and powering off.

Then,how to fix that? Now, it is time to recommend Dr. Fone for iOS to help you settle that. There are three reason why it is regarded as the best assistant to fix iOS system bugs. First, it is powerful to fix problems in a simple way and make your iPhone normal again. Second, it fits most iOS system. Third, it works for you and won’t let you loss any existing data on you iPhone. In a word, it is useful and reliable.


Steps to fix iPhone that won't slide to unlock or slide to power off.

Step 1 Connect Your iPhone

Get your iPhone connected to the computer and load up the Dr.Fone. Then, click on System Recovery option and hit "Start" button to start the process.

Note: please ensure the battery is enough for fixing.

Step 2. Enable Your iPad into DFU Mode

To let Dr. Fone recognizes your iPhone, please enable your iphone into DFU mode.

You can follow the easy instruction and images of steps below to enter DFU mode. You may fail at the first time, but please try agian to make sure your iPhone into DFU mode.

Step 3.Confirm the Model of Your Device and Download the Package

Dr. Fone displays the model of your iPhone, and what you need to do is checking the model. If wrong, you can correct it manually.

Before fixing, there is the matching firmware package you need to download. Click "Download" button to download the matching firmware package.If the package has download, just select the matching firmware. 

By the way,the package is a little large, so the download will take some time.

Step 4. Fix iOS to Normal Status

Once the the download is complete, the fixing begins. The repairing may take at least 10 minutes. After reparing, the problem is fixed and your iPhone becomes normal again.If your iPhone is unable to unlock or power off normally, please restart it or try the repairing process one more time.

Note: It is necessary to keep your iPhone connected along the reparing, otherwise the repari will not work out.

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