How to Fix iPhone restarts endlessly

“ I don’t know whether I touch something wrong on my iPhone or my iPhone becomes crazy because it was dropped on the ground carelessly last time. It is restarting over and over again and out of control. It is unavailable to use and sending it to repair will take a long time. So I plan to give it up and get a new one. However, it is a little pity to do that because this iPhone looks still new. Thus, I guess whether it is possible that my iPhone get normal back within a short time or not?”

As a matter of fact, it is not an impossible task to complete. Choosing Dr. Fone for iOS can satisfy your demands that fixing the restarting problems effectively and powerfully. Dr. Fone for iOS is the expert in fixing iOS system problem for iOS users who want to solve the problems as soon as possible without doing harm to their devices. It fix black screen, white screen and other bugs perfectly and supports the latest iOS system.

Now, you are going to see how to fix iPhone restarts endlessly with the help of Dr. Fone for iOS.


Step 1
. Connect Your Device

Open Dr. Fone for iOS and connect your iPhone.Entering the option of System Recovery, you just need to click "Start" button to commence fixing.

Step 2. Set Your iPhone into DFU mode

Here, it is indispenable to put your iPhone into DFU mode, so that Dr. Fone for iOS can recognize its model.

You can follow the instruction and images below to finish to task. The instruction is easy to understand and follow.

Step 3.
Confirm the Model and Download the Package

Confirm the information of your iPhone, which display on the page. If the information unmatch, please correct it manually.

Besides, there is a matching firmware package you need to download. Click "Download" button to download it. If the package has download before, select the matching firmware for your iPhone.

Step 4. Fix iOS to Normal Status

After package, Dr. Fone for iOS begins fixing the restarting problem. Though the repairing may take at least 10 minutes, it is worth waiting for it.

When the repairing is over, you will find that your iPhone work normally and doesn't restart endlessly any more.

If you don't get that effect, please restart your iPhone or try the fixing again.

Note: Your iPhone need to be connected during the repairing.

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