How to Fix White Screen of Death for iPhone

Nowadays, more and more people around use iPhone, but there are also some people who think the original design and function of iPhone cannot satisfy their needs and the limits are too much. So jailbreak is a pervasive choice for them, for it is easy to operate and the successful rate is high. As more people use jailbroken iPhone, more problems about system gradually appearing, like white screen, black screen and so forth. If these problems happen frequently, it means you need to have your iPhone repaired.

To reduce customers worries, we specially release a software whose duty is to fix the problems of system or data for iPhone users. The software is named Fix iOS System. It proves itself the best software in the industry worthy of being trusted by its high recovery rate, powerful compatibility and easy operation. Using this software, you iPhone system will like work normally and your iPhone will be updated to non-jailbroken version, so that withe screen or black screen will not happen again.


Here show you the steps of how fix white screen of death for iPhone with Dr. Fone.

Step 1. Lauch Dr. Fone and Connect Your iPhone

First, launch Dr. Fone on your computer. And then, connect your iPhone.

Choose System Recovery on the main page and click the "Start" button to start the recovery.

Note: Please ensure the battery of your iPhone is enough for the recovery, or the process cannot work smoothly.
Please keep your iPhone connected along the whole recovery.

Step 2. Set your iOS device into DFU mode

To establish the connection between your iPhone and Dr. Fone, please set your iPhone into DFU mode.
Hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds, and then release Power button but keep holding Home button.
Once your iPhone enters DFU mode, it will be detected by Dr. Fone immediately.

Step 3.Confirm the Model and Download the Package

Here, the model of your iPhone has been detetced and is shown to you. Please check it correct or not. If wrong, you can select the correct model by yourslef.

Next, please hit “Download” button directly to download the matching firmware package or choose “copy” to download package through browser.

Note: It will take several minutes to download the firmware package, please be paitient.

Step 4. Fix iOS to normal status

Once the download is done, Dr. Fone starts repairing your iOS system. In this process, please don't use your iPhone.

After a while, the repair of the operating system id complete and your iPhone work normally. The white screen of death of iPhone is fixed, and all saved data  on your iPhone is intact.

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